Prenatal Care

At Birth Matters, you will be attended to by the midwives and their assistants in the practice during your appointments. During your visits we include time for education. We offer genetic screening, blood tests, ultrasounds and newborn procedures as you would be offered through a physician’s office. We believe in informed choice, and trust that if we provide our families with the information needed to make decisions, they will choose what is right for them. Special to midwifery care, at 36 weeks, we do a home visit to meet the whole birth team, making sure you are prepared for your birth time.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum care is one of the aspects that makes midwifery care unique. The hours, days, and weeks after birth are full of wondrous changes for you and your newborn. We do two home visits in the first week after your baby is born and then baby and mama return to the clinic for care at two, four, and six-eight weeks. The first three months after a birth are often referred to as the fourth trimester; we believe that the length of our postpartum care is a helpful tool in monitoring for postpartum depression, and continuing breastfeeding support, along with any other issues that may come up in your postpartum journey. We are available to support you through whatever joys or challenges are present.

Labor & Birth

During your birth time you will be attended by at least one licensed midwife and one or two fully trained assistants. They will bring to your home medical equipment such as oxygen, anti-hemorrhage drugs, IV fluid, as well as herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, TLC and much more.

Midwives have always known how to support women through normal, healthy births. If women trust and listen to their bodies, they will naturally seek out safe, quiet places to give birth. Surrounded by people you love and trust, your body can release the hormones that allow you to open.

While attending your home or birth center birth, the midwives at Birth Matters combine the ancient tradition of midwifery with the evidence-based practice of modern medicine. We bring with us Michel Odent’s principle of biodynamic birth: women deserve to give birth in a way that is biologically appropriate, yet dynamic and ever-changing because women are individuals.

Well-woman Care

Birth Matters also offers annual well-woman exams. We provide gentle, respectful gynecological care, pre-conception consultations, non-hormonal contraception options and education.

Additional Services

Michell loves helping women plan and achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)! Over 90% of our clients intending a VBAC end up having a successful vaginal birth. Birth Matters provides complete information about the risks and benefits of vaginal birth and elective cesarean so you can make the healthiest choice possible for you and your baby.

For more information about the safety and issues surrounding VBAC, please see our Resources page.

Birth Matters believes that a woman should give birth in the place where she feels at ease and for some this is a birth center. Michelle will provide women with the option of delivering in a beautiful birth canter located directly off of Hwy 78 in Vista.

Here at Birth Matters we believe in living a healthy lifestyle both in and out of pregnancy. Good nutrition is the number one building block for a healthy pregnancy, baby, birth, and recovery. We will address good nutrition throughout your pregnancy as the first means of staying healthy and as a holistic way of getting back to health.

Laboring and birthing in water can be one of the most relaxing and comforting measures for labor. We provide several styles of birthing pools for loan and rent including the Aqua Doula, and the La Bassine.

At Birth Matters, we value education and informed choice about care. We provide a large lending library on a broad array of subjects including pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, parenting, nutrition, vaccinations… We also have an extensive DVD collection for all modes of learning. Each of our clients receives a ring-binder containing important information regarding your pregnancy.